Types of childcare/home help

At Playtime we appreciate every family’s needs are different and will help you understand what you really need. We think outside the box and encourage you to do that too. Fortunately, we offer various services and we will do our utmost to find the right individual or the help you need.


Au Pair

The Au Pair program is a cultural exchange program programme and Au Pairs must be welcomed as a member of the family. The program allows young people from all over European Union (EU) or one of a limited number of other countries to live with a family in the United Kingdom in exchange for help with childcare and household duties primarily related to the children. You will find more information on the Au Pair Program here.


A Nanny is a qualified or highly experienced professional who provides care for your child in your own home. The nanny is usually responsible for "nursery duties" (caring for the child/children, preparing meals, taking care of the laundry, keeping their rooms tidy, and school/nursery runs as required). They are not usually expected to do any housework unless by agreement. Babysitting duties may be included.

The Nanny’s working hours depend on your individual family requirements; for a full-time position this would generally be a 10-hour day approximately. Weekends would be free unless otherwise agreed.

You can have a live-in nanny, who will have her own space in your home or in an annex/ cottage, or a day nanny. Although both will work agreed hours, a live in nanny may be more flexible if you need to change these hours at short notice.

By law, as an Employer of a Nanny you are responsible for the payment of Income Tax and National Insurance contributions on the salary paid to your Nanny.


Most family’s requirements change when the children reach school age, and a Nanny/Housekeeper will give the flexibility needed at this stage in family life!

The duties of a Nanny/Housekeeper are to help with the running of the family home as well as childcare. Depending on your family’s needs this can include the school-run, childcare duties at the beginning and end of the day, organising the family shop, preparing meals, cleaning, laundry and childcare during the school holidays as required.

This can be a live in or live out position.


Maternity Nanny

Maternity Nurses are trained or experienced nurses or nannies who specialise in the care of new-born babies.

The Maternity Nurse will help the mother until both mother and baby are settled into a routine at home, which is normally a period of 4-8 weeks. The amount of time you wish to book a Maternity Nurse is totally flexible and will depend on individual circumstances.

Hours of work are normally 5 or 6 days per week (day or night) and maybe on call 24 hours with agreed rest periods. They are usually live in but can be live out by arrangement.

Maternity Nannies are self-employed and thus responsible for their own Income Tax and National Insurance.


The role of a housekeeper is different to that of a cleaner, the Housekeeper will be responsible for the running of your home.

The obvious duties will be cleaning, laundry and ironing. Housekeeping duties can include shopping, changing beds, deep cleaning, polishing silver and brass, organising cupboards, taking messages, organising tradesmen, food preparation, dinner party help, care of pets, and occasional childcare.

By law, as an Employer of a Housekeeper you are responsible for the payment of Income Tax and National Insurance contributions on the salary paid to your Housekeeper.